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Dental treatment under magnification using a microscope is called as microscopic dentistry. Microscope has a lot of significance in modern dentistry wherein the work is done more accurately and with more precision. A dentist can use various modes of magnification like a head loop, magnifying glass or an operating microscope. A healthy eye can generally see up to 40 microns. Anything below 40 microns is not visible to the naked eye. Precision modern dentistry has got a lot of work under 40 microns and therefore magnification plays a very important role.

The latest trends in dentistry are in using an operating microscope for various procedures. Endodontic procedures like root canal treatment, precision periodontal surgeries are done under operating microscope in a better way. The use of an operating microscope has become very popular in dental clinics. At First Dental Center we specialise in working under magnification with various methods and also with one of the world’s finest operating microscopes for most of our dental procedures.

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